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A Move & A Merge!

Updated 6/21/2022

As many of you know, the other practice physician at 196 Canal St has retired earlier this year, and Dr Wu has been looking for a physician to office share and cross cover. Enter Dr Chanel Li, who is the owner of Pure Pediatrics, which occupies a street-level, store front space with lots of room just around the corner (something all the more important especially during covid!… and flu, and RSV, and rhinovirus, and so on and on). In addition, Dr Li offers extensive office hours, which makes working parents' lives easier! So we're moving over to 60B Mott Street! 


For some background, Dr Chanel Li graduated from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed her residency in Maimonides Medical Center.  Prior to launching Pure Pediatrics in October of 2021, she worked at GoHealth Urgent Care Center, where she honed her skills as a pediatrician during the worst of the covid-19 pandemic. She emigrated from Guangdong, China at age 13, and has three children. 


The new office boasts 5 exam rooms (you can see one in the image above!), specialized equipment such as rapid PCR for Covid, RSV and flu, as well as hemoglobin/lead and strep tests. Dr Wu is really happy to add on more services for our patients, and am excited to work together with Dr Li. You can now book appointments online with Dr Li, as she is in-network with most of our patients' insurance! We will make sure to make this transition as seamless as possible.

我們要搬家了!截至 2022 年 暑期,愛苗青少年兒科即將搬遷至 60B Mott 街, New York, NY 10013。我們會與萬友兒科李美玲醫生合作。我非常高興與李醫生同工,這樣我們愛苗兒科的孩子和青年人可以得到更多時間上的醫療服務。


李醫生畢業於德克薩斯骨科醫學院,並在瑪摩利醫院完成住院醫師實習。她在2021年10月開始萬友兒科之前,曾在緊急醫療中心工作,而在這新冠疫情最嚴重的時期磨練了她兒科醫生的技能。李醫生13歲從中國廣東移民,現有3個孩子。李醫生會言普通話,粵語,與英語。我們新診所擁有 5 個檢查室,配備快速 PCR 新冠、RSV 和鏈球菌檢測等專業設備。





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