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December 2022 Notice

Dr Wu is exiting clinical medicine as of 12/1/2022. For those who have been patients and families at Amaranth Pediatrics throughout the years, please click here to read the letter Dr Wu penned. Dr Chanel Li of Pure Pediatrics will take over your medical care. These are the documents you'll be presented with when you transition care to Dr Li.

Dr Wu really thanks all of the families here who entrusted the care of their children, adolescents, and young adults to her. She plans on sending out a newsletter in 3-6 months to patients who are interested in her future plans - if you are interested in receiving the newsletter, please enter your information here. Stay tuned! Thank you to everyone.

吳醫生將於 2022 年 12 月 1 日停止臨床醫學。請按此網站閱讀吳醫生的信。 萬友兒科李美玲 醫生將接管您孩子的醫療護理。這些是李醫生的資料文件



Pediatric Care from Birth through College

At Amaranth Pediatrics 愛苗 青少年兒科, Dr Cheryl Wu is committed to providing and ensuring your child has the necessary ingredients for a happy and fulfilled life: health, appropriate development, continued learning, and love.


Dr Wu also pays close mind to determinants of health that can adversely affect a patient and her family's wellness: cultural differences, health literacy, socioeconomic status, mental wellness, and social connectedness. Finally, as the gatekeeper for the healthcare field writ large for our smallest patients, Dr Wu has amassed a long list of specialists who can provide the best medical care to our patients should the need arise.


Dr Wu was born in the US and returned to Taiwan with her family to complete the first six years of her formal education. She returned to the United States during middle school, so understands the challenges faced by immigrant families and children. She completed her undergraduate studies at Rutgers College, and received her Medical Doctorate degree from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers Medical School) - New Jersey Medical School. She completed her pediatric residency training at St Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA.


Prior to taking over Dr Ka Li's practice and launching what is now Amaranth Pediatrics, Dr Wu has had extensive experience in a multitude of clinical settings, including pediatric emergency departments, primary care for children with chronic and complex medical disabilities, in-patient hospitalist work, and other pediatric primary care settings. 


Dr Wu has one child and lives in NYC.

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