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Book Your Covid Vaccine Appt

Updated 5/6/2021

Our office will be getting the covid vaccine this week. We are offering the Moderna vaccine to our patients who are 18 years of age and older, as well as their family members who are also over 18.


Please make an appt by clicking here (make sure you get a call from us to confirm), or by calling us at 212-925-4993, or text us at 646-580-8689.


You can make one appointment for all family members (who live with you) to come get the vaccine at the same time. We have to observe you for 15 minutes after your vaccine, so we are cohorting family members in the same exam room.

Please also read the below before you come. 

  • Please complete this NYC DOH form for every person who is receiving the vaccine who is not a patient at our practice; show us the completion page before we administer the vaccine

  • Please also ask your family members to complete this page if they had never been to Amaranth Pediatrics as a patient.

  • These are some side effects with the vaccine.

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