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Covid-19 Resources from China for US Physicians

​As a contribution to the healthcare community, Dr Wu has scoured the web and asked her physician colleagues for guidelines and consortia from China to help guide physicians in the US as we face this global pandemic. Please download as you need; but do remember, if you implement medication changes - PLEASE double check the original document (all linked below) with a physician who can read Chinese, as medication names may not translate directly to English using our internet tools.

  • China CDC Covid-19 Guidelines/中國疾病預防控制中心關於印發新型冠狀病毒肺炎防控方案相關技術文件的通知 (Chinese version, google translate version) updated 3/9/20

  • General Office of Chinese National Health Commission - Diagnosis and Treatment of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
    (7th ed)/國家衛生健康委員會辦公廳 - 關于印發新型冠狀肺炎診療方案 (試行第七版) - Chinese PDF, English PDF (please ensure accuracy with Chinese physician, especially with any medication dosing) updated 3/3/20

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