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Anti-AAPI Discrimination Resources

Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, there had been an increase in anti-AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) hate incidents. Below are some resources we here at Amaranth Pediatrics have gathered to aid in navigating this current environment. The best way to combat hate is through education, self-aid, and community building. Self aid is the knowledge and ability to find resources for oneself, so that one understands that it is within his/her power to help him/herself. Finally, Advocacy is the the mainstay of pediatrics, as we are treating people who generally do not have a voice in society. Existing AAPI advocacy groups include: Asian American Federation, Protect Chinatown, and more


If you have suffered a crisis (either directly or as vicariously), Crisis = being a victim of attack, suffering vicarious trauma, feeling acutely anxious, anything that makes you unable to go about your daily life.

As well, if you have signs of acute distress (constant worrying, inability to do your job/go to school, decreased or excessive appetite, sleep etc), please contact us or your healthcare provider for evaluation.

Resources in multiple languages are available and described below each link. 

Resources: Ongoing Toolkits

Safety tips (Available in 16 languages)

Stop AAPI Hate

List of resources such as:

Mental health resources- how to talk to children about anti-Asian racism

Mental health service providers

List of community-based organizations

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Hate Crime Resources

Basic and critical information for victims, community based organizations, and community leaders in multiple languages

Information available in 24 languages

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Resources

Resources for Asian Americans in the workplace, worker’s relief funds, and local resources

Includes in-language resources

Resources: Crisis

A mental health crisis is when someone is experiencing symptoms that make them feel out of control or prevent them from being able to care for themselves. It can look very different for different people. 

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association

List of mental health and behavioral service providers and contact information


New York Coalition for Asian American Mental Health 

List of mental health resources in NYC including 24/7 hotline available in-language


NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Victim Services Map

List of locations that provide help for people in crisis- can filter based on age, language, and cultural competency


Asian American Bar Association of New York

Legal services guide

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