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Physician Covid Testing

Hello! We started this service because we couldn't stand seeing physicians who are unable to get covid testing from their hospital.


We will send you a viral culture medium tube and a lab order, along with instructions on how to self swab, and lab drop off information. We will also check your results for you and let you know when they return (typically 2-5 days, depending on current volume). If you need a physician (you have a fever, shortness of breath, discomfort breathing etc), this is not for you. But if you need to know whether your mild respiratory symptoms are due to covid, so you can limit your exposure to others at work and home, you've come the right place! Your insurance should pay for the testing, and our staff will send in all the information for you.

Please complete this form, and we will reach out to you by email, phone, or text. If you don't hear from us, please call us at 212-925-4993 during business hours (M, T, Th, F 10-5) or text us at 646-580-8689 any time. 

You'll have two options:

1. Self Test. You'll receive a package with the Viral Culture Medium, One dacron-tipped swab, and printed instructions on how to self swab. In the package will be a lab bag (according to your insurance), as well as a lab order from Dr Cheryl Wu. After you have completed the swab (see instructions), put the specimen back in the lab bag, zip it up, and drop it off at the nearest lab location.

2. The above, PLUS Video Telehealth Visit with Dr Nancy King. If you'd like, we can also set you up with a video appt with Dr King to walk you through the self swabbing process, as it is not exactly easy to self test. This is our instructional video come alive! After you make arrangements with the delivery service, we will set you up with a video appointment with Dr King, so she can help you self swab for covid-19. 

Optional. For a slightly higher fee to cover the return courier fee, you can also have the courier return the specimen for you. Please let us know ahead of time so we can set it up for you.

The results take 2-5 days to return, and we will send you the results by your preferred method of contact. There is a suggested donation of $50-75, or whatever you are comfortable with. This will cover the administrative, staff time, and courier costs.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE SHORTNESS OF BREATH, DYSPNEA, HIGH FEVER, OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A MILD COUGH OR LOW GRADE FEVER, PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. We are providing this service because we cannot stand the sight of physicians getting denied covid testing when they want one. But please, take good care of your health as well.

We are two friends and both based in downtown NYC - we have our own practices and run our own show. We heard from friends time and time again that healthcare workers cannot get tested for covid-19 at their hospital, despite being exposed to it, and despite being symptomatic. Cheryl is the owner of a small pediatric practice, and she realized that even though she doesn't have the PPE or engineering control to swab patients for coronavirus in her practice, she CAN order covid labs for her physician colleagues. Nancy is an awesome ENT doc, and Cheryl recruited her so they can be totally legitimate! We hope this helps you in this very uncertain time. And please stay healthy.

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