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Our practice is located in lower Manhattan, and since 3/16/20, our city has been turned upside down for its residents and families. Schools have closed, large gatherings have been banned, and only people who are essential are advised to travel within the city. During this time, we at Amaranth Pediatrics have rapidly adapted and changed office policies to continue to provide services to our patients. It is also becoming clear - with each day of mounting deaths from covid-19, and a de facto takeover by the state's governor of NYC's pandemic response - that we all need to step up and do what we can to help our great city fight this pandemic.

Through Dr Wu's professional, personal, and social media networks, we have quickly established several important areas that are in dire need by the healthcare work force in the NYC metropolitan area, and Dr Wu has responded rapidly to help her cohort healthcare workers in need. Below you will find a few items of what we have provided to the healthcare community:

1. Translated resources from physicians in China for frontline US physicians

2. Physician self-swab covid-19 testing

3. N95 supply for front-line healthcare workers (please register here to receive masks)

4. NYC covid testing database registration

Dr Wu hopes to add mental health support for healthcare providers to this expanding list. Please keep posted.

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